What is a Android Tablet? – Connectivity, Wifi & 3G Internet

Connecting to the Internet with your Android Tablet

So we’ve covered what is a Android Tablet? Now you’re interested in knowing how an Android Tablet connects to the internet, and how you can use it on the move. Tablet connectivity is a hot topic when it comes to purchasing time, and rightly so. You need to be comfortable you have the right Android Tablet for your needs, and if you need full mobile internet connectivity then this is an issue you should be aware of. Likewise if you don’t need mobile connectivity then a WiFi only tablet can save you litterally hundreds over it’s life.

Wifi vs 3g - what is a android tablet

WiFi or 3G, it’s all about user preference, and money.

Well lets answer some of the more beginner based questions. Android Tablets tend to come in two varieties, WiFi only and WiFi + 3G/4G. Here’s a breakdown of the two.

What is a Android Tablet? – WiFi only Tablets

WiFi only Android Tablets are the big sellers of the market. They are cheaper, smaller, lighter and are available to buy much more readily. Just check Amazons tablet store to see the difference between the amount of WiFi and 3G Android Tablets available for purchase. A WiFi only tablet connects to the internet using a WiFi signal. WiFi signals are in coffee shops, shopping centres, and (hopefully) your home. So a Wifi only tablet can still get to the internet most places.

90% of buyers should be considering a WiFi tablet over a 3G tablet. The price difference alone (including a 3G data pack) means that 3G tablets often end up costing twice as much. Also that mobile carrier is going to hold back the update frequency of your new device. So your friends with WiFi tablets are likely to have the new Android Operating System mucyh quicker than you.

If your a home user, student or anyone other than a business buyer, don’t bother with 3G. Use your smartphone for that if you have to. Save yourself some time, money and battery life and get a WiFi only unless you desperately need 3G.

What is a Android Tablet? – 3G & WiFi Tablets

A 3G Android Tablet connects to the internet via 3G channels, like a smartphone. This means you need to have a contract with a Mobile Phone service provider. Your tablet will normally come bundled in with your 3G contract, but expect to pay £20 – £35 a month over two years.

Are you an International Business person? If yes get a 3G tablet. Full internet on the move, all your email and hihg powered bank accounts at your fingertips, you’ll love it. The expense shouldn’t be an issue either.

On a serious note, companies will try to push 3G onto you if they can, it earns them more money. Be smart and really weight up whether you need it or not. Unless you’re a business user, I’m guessing you won’t need the extra internet access.

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